BALÇIK Metal Treatment division uniquely placed in having continuous furnaces for bright annealing in Turkey. This is giving us capability of bright annealing service for larger lower volume parts & smaller very high volume parts.

A highly technological heat treat process performed to the parts by a carefully controlled furnace atmosphere resulting to a clean, smooth, scale free metal surface.

Bright annealing is carried out in a furnace full of Hydrogen (H2) at temperatures ranging between 1040 ° C and 1100° C and is followed by a rapid cooling. The Hydrogen is NOT an oxidising agent and therefore no surface oxidation is created and pickling is no longer required after the bright annealing.

The main advantage of this technology, besides a bright and even surface that eases further processing of the tubes, is the improved corrosion resistanc. Such treatment, carried out at the production process, ensures the complete solution of the possible carbides precipitated at the grain border, thus obtaining an austenitic matrix free of defects. This makes it possible to avoid the dangerous phenomena of intergranular corrosion.

The austenitic structure obtained through bright annealing, is homogeneous with regular grain size; the consequence is an improvement of stainless steel tensile properties, in particular traction and elongation, with an increase of plasticity and a decrease of residual stress.

Reducing the hardness and minimizing residual stresses prepare metals and alloys for further processing or for the intended service conditions. Materials facilitating the progress of subsequent manufacturing operations, by improved machinability with ease and increased ductility.

Our continuous furnaces provide outstanding heating and cooling cycle performance. Quality is evident in our signature surface finish. There is never any haze, scale or heavy oxidation. Quick turnaround times are not a problem.
Stainless steels are ideally suited to our system. Special fixtures are not required. We achieve superior results versus vacuum processes at a fraction of the cost.



▪ Bright Anneal
▪ Stress Relief
▪ Normalizing
▪ Tempering

Base Metals
300 series Stainless Steels
400 series Stainless Steels
Mild Steels
Other Ferrous alloys
Nickel alloys

High efficiency continuous furnaces
Pure hydrogen atmospheres
Pure nitrogen atmospheres
Heat lot tracking